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What This Process Does

  • Allows the user to set Group Health Insurance Eligible and Group Health Insurance Participating check boxes, as well as the Coverage Code, all of which are located in Personnel Demographics, on the Benefits tab, based on the Coverage Code set on the Type tab of the corresponding Deduction Description ID


  • Employees must have a Current Employee status.
  • Employees must have a job flagged as Active.
  • Coverage Code must be set up on the Deduction Description ID, on the Type tab.
  • The deduction must be added and flagged as Active in the employee's Deduction Master.

Set Group Health Insurance Using Deduction Setup

  1. HR → Payroll → Maintenance → Set, Change or Clear → Set ACA Using Deduction Setup
  2. No ranging is necessary to set all codes on all employees based on all deductions that contain a Coverage Code; the Eligibility and Participating boxes, along with the Coverage Code, will populate in Personnel Demographics for all employees that have the deduction in their Deduction Master.
  3. Can range on Deduction ID to update one deduction at a time.
  4. Ranging is available on both the Range and Select tabs.
  5. If employees already have the Eligibility and/or the Participating flags updated in Personnel Demographics, but still need the Coverage Code populated, then on the Select tab, select GHI Eligible True and Participating True, and un-check Eligible False and Participating False.
  6. A report is provided, and should be reviewed before clicking Save to update the database.
  7. There is no undo process, so please range carefully.
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