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What This Report Does

  • The purpose of this report is to look across all Pay IDs, including the current one, to ensure that multiple employees have not been assigned the same transmittal number. When direct deposit transmittals are being archived, it is imperative that numbers be unique and are not repeated.

Check Settings - DD All Pay IDs

  • HR → Payroll → Continue Tab → Check Settings → DD All Pay IDs
  • Review the Report Description tab for information about this report.
  • Under normal circumstances, do not range on the Select and Range tab.
  • Select when Bnkrec Updated False & True.
  • Click Select to run the report to your screen.
  • If the report states, There were no direct deposit numbers assigned to multiple employees, it means each employee has been assigned a unique direct deposit number; click Cancel and proceed with the payroll.
  • If there are Direct Deposit Numbers listed on the report as having been assigned to more than one employee in the past, there is nothing to be done at this point; however, if the report includes Direct Deposit Numbers that are being used on the current Pay ID, re-Set Direct Deposit Numbers, and then run this report again to make sure current numbers no longer appear, as this would cause problems with your archived transmittals.
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