With the high price of most options, if you want something right, go with a complete change-out; if you want something right now, at least it's good to know there are alternatives out there that will utilize what you already have on hand. DZMC plans to utilize a regular programming on October, 2008. While some moulds (Penicillium, Aspergillus) can utilize almost any organic food-materials, other fungi are more restricted in their choice - e.g. B. Utilize magazines as a visual shopping list. If these advantages and requisites are observed, perhaps in time to come some one might know how better to utilize our sketch and cause some addition to be made so as to accomplish that which we can only suggest. This will provide them with an opportunity to learn how to use various types of instructional strategies and to utilize appropriate performance assessment techniques. 1. use "utilize" in a sentence In 1865, Joseph Lister became the first doctor to utilize disinfectant during surgery. formalityes Incorporated provides a list of corporate formalities for clients who utilize our service to incorporate in Washington. This is why most professional makeup artists will utilize cosmetic train cases in order to protect their makeup valuables. You may not have a ton of space if you're choosing one of the smaller styles, but you will be able to better utilize the space and have more control over how you display and store your items if you choose a cabinet with adjustable shelves. Favorite Answer. for some writers utilize still connotes something more than use, i.e. 28. to put to use; turn to profitable account: to utilize a stream to power a mill. Unlike bagged systems that constantly lose suction, Dyson machines utilize proprietary cyclone technologies to minimize clogging. For example, some CDs utilize animal sounds such as whale song. to put to use; turn to profitable account: to utilize a stream to power a mill. In all recent accounts, the word ‘use’, has been part of the English language for much longer than the term ‘utilize’. If you are on a tight budget utilize this site and other freeshare destinations to keep yourself creative, yet within the law. Turbine hybrid systems can be used to utilize the energy of the exhaust gases. 30. She will only utilize it for common good. Buying a utility trailer is a company must since we can use it to store, haul, and show craft related products. Alternatively, you may want to utilize the services of a mortgage broker who has experience in subprime lending. It is important to note that not all Walmarts have the capability to accept cash for the purpose of reloading the MoneyCard, and there is a $3 reload fee if you utilize this method. Weldon's later attempts at superseding his classical process by other inventions which utilize a larger proportion of the chlorine, introduced as hydrochloric acid, have not been successful in the long run, although some of them were aided by the great technical skill of A. Denfert-Rochereau, however, understood better than other engineers of the day the power of modern artillery, and his plan was to utilize the old works as a keep and an artillery position. Distance learning programs utilize unique courses of study and methods of classmate and professor interaction to provide integrated educational experiences. "Utilize your pencil and write down the answer!" mayor In 1865, Joseph Lister became the first doctor to utilize disinfectant during surgery. willing to use any means to achieve her ends employ suggests the use of a person or thing that is available but idle, inactive, or disengaged. You probably already have Flash installed because many websites utilize Flash to run ads, slideshows and video. They utilize technology to provide clear vision and comfort to those who want to pair eye protection with reading correction. Many businesses - both small and large - utilize Sam's Club for purchases. Once determined, the rate is published by noon UK time so that other lenders and investors can utilize it. While Betsy had located some seemingly compatible cases, everyone wanted to offer input on which ones were the most critical and how or what tip lines we'd utilize. She ran out of string so she utilized/used a shoelace to wrap the birthday gift. In this article, we take a close look at use and utilize , explain the differences between the two words, and give you practical tips to ensure that you never use either of them incorrectly again. Bourguignon d'Anville, able to utilize in the compilation of their maps the information they acquired. Many skilled permanent makeup artists utilize the feathering technique for brow color application. Its purpose was to enable a competent commission, renewable in part each year, to utilize a portion of funds entrusted to it in inquiries on the best methods of furthering the interests of the community, and, when the funds became large enough, to apply their income directly to schemes of betterment. utilize in a sentence. 5. More elaborate designs may even utilize glare-resistant transparent flooring to create intricate displays beneath passengers' feet. Teachers must be able to efficiently utilize school resources relative to the needs of students with disabilities. In very small doses, they help our bodies utilize vitamin D, and they help slow the effects of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Bookmark. However, once you learn how to utilize your time correctly by effectively maximizing your productivity, you will feel as if you have more hours available to you each day. 19 examples: However, all these systems require strict adherence to maintenance protocols to… Some lenders use escrow as a method by which to collect excess funds without needing to pay interest on the money, but the majority of lenders utilize escrow in a responsible manner. The group of words that comes before the semicolon should form a complete sentence, the group of words that comes after the semicolon should form a complete sentence, and the two sentences should share a close, logical connection: I ordered a cheeseburger for lunch; life’s too … Appliances and heating units that utilize propane operate very efficiently. Many necklaces are items of fine jewelry, using superior metals and precious stones or diamonds, and others utilize more affordable materials such as cubic zirconia. to put to use; turn to profitable account: to utilize a stream to power a mill. Log in. Though based on an older frame style, the cat eye glasses of today utilize the newest technology. utilize definition: 1. to use something in an effective way: 2. to use something in an effective way: 3. to make use…. – Grubbmeister Nov 6 '18 at 6:27. add a comment | 11. She will only utilize it for common good. Hence, the unique scaling advantage of phase-change memory cannot be fully utilized. ‘The courts and the commissions could then utilize all this information to make their decisions.’ ‘Fluorescence has been utilized for many purposes, the most obvious being fluorescent lamps.’ ‘Consulting psychiatrists were utilized in conjunction with the in-home treatment.’ By purchasing used clothing, there is no need to utilize valuable resources to manufacture new products. Always check references and a photographer's portfolio before agreeing to work with him/her and utilize a makeup artist as well. Can you utilize a computer in your work? However, you don't need a huge budget or a beautiful old house to utilize the principles of Victorian interior decorating in your own home; you simply need a little time and creativity. The distinguished career of the former and the widespread confidence in his ability and political integrity had marked him for the most important position in the Cabinet; and there had been a general demand that the new administration should utilize the organizing ability displayed by Hoover in many fields. The flaps may hook at the top or the side of the breast or may utilize Velcro to keep the flap in place. This sentence works if John is a vegetarian and does not buy, prepare, or eat meat. Additionally, Pop Sugar allows their visors to post comments, so you can utilize that feature to voice your own opinion, or simply read through them to see what others had to say. For a more elegant look, some modern rooms utilize furniture that is influenced by movements like Art Deco and Art Nouveau, along with Asian and post-modern designs. (n.d.). If you're unsure about a particular color but want to give it a chance, utilize an online color simulator, such as InStyle's Hollywood Hair Makeover, or visit a hairstylist for advice. While organic farmers make every effort to limit the herb's exposure to pesticides and herbicides, in some cases the farmer may be granted special permission to utilize limited quantities of certain chemicals. How to utilize the information they give. With so many people in their house, it was fortunate that the weather was warm and dry so they could utilize the courtyard for the children. utiliseim is to provide where appropriate and better utilize existing resources to advance the work among young people. You can utilize a miter saw, which has no blade tilt, prop the crown molding up against your fence and set the miter angle. Most tabletop chillers that utilize the Peltier effect both heat and cool. It may take some trial and error to figure out which site is best for you, so make sure you look around a bit, particularly when you are just beginning to utilize free online guitar study. Senior men want to make sure they utilize proper form and technique as these factors are more important than ever before. I do not wish to utilize the fortunes of war to humiliate an honored monarch. Utilize definition: If you utilize something, you use it. But, whereas the pope was sometimes compelled to become the instrument of the policy of the kings of France or the adventurers of their race, he was often able to utilize this new and pervading force for the realization of his own designs, although he endeavoured from time to time, but without enduring success, to shake off the overwhelming yoke of the French. 17. LED TVs used Light Emitting Diode technology to utilize light more efficiently. The fish utilize food sources naturally present in the waters, including freshwater shrimp, benthic invertebrates, snails and insects. There are certain strategies you can utilize in order to maximize your chances for success in school. When the correct number of solar panels are installed properly and in the correct location, it is possible to utilize the sun's energy to power and heat your home. There are a variety of valuable resources on the company's website that individuals shopping for home loans can utilize at no cost. To set the system apart from the rest of the market, Nintendo included a number of unique features on the DS that game developers utilize in many ways. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Utilise" in Example Sentences Page 1 22802 We had better utilizeour natural resources. 3. At its falls from Lake of the Woods is one of the greatest and most easily utilized water-powers in the world, and from falls lower down the river electric power for the city of Winnipeg is obtained. These walls all fell into decay long since; at places they were used as brick quarries, and finally the great reforming governor, (1868-1872), Midhat Pasha, following the example set by many European cities, undertook to destroy them altogether and utilize the free space thus obtained as a public park and esplanade. We utilize anti-CCP testing in our ' early synovitis clinic ' when a positive result influences the decision to introduce early anti-rheumatic drug therapy. A uterus, or a womb, is the organ that allows mammals to … Since John Hollway's and other early experiments of Lawrence Austin and Robert Sticht, no serious attempts have been made to utilize the heat escaping from a converting vessel in smelting ore and matte either in the same apparatus or in a separate furnace. Leagues such as his ensure fields are utilized, he argued. There are two WiiWare games you can download that utilize the balance board. My security system is top notch though I've had little need to utilize it. Mortgage industry professionals who utilize FHA connection have real time access to HUD's computer system that is both direct and secure. This peculiar relationship suggests at once a symbiosis, the Fungus gaining its nutriment mainly or entirely from the green plant, while the latter in some way or other is able to utilize the free nitrogen of;he air. For this reason, it is imperative that people who utilize the services of a broker first make sure that the broker has no complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau or any other organization. utilize sentence in English. How to use utilize in a sentence. Sentence examples for to utilize it as a from inspiring English sources. Outdoor Lighting - Many cities use fluorescent lights for outdoor lighting, and many homeowners utilize this type of outdoor lighting as well. Many of the Nurse Specialists utilize the area including the endocrinology, Dermatology and Allergy nurses. Spending some time on the forum and reading and asking questions is a great way to ensure that you are going to be able to utilize this resource in your own home. This means the couple does not utilize the entire dance floor, traveling with large steps as one would see in a typical waltz or foxtrot. While ultimately 'use', 'utilize', and 'utility' all share the same Latin root 'uti', 'use' also has the additional Latin root 'usus'. I will utilize my time better by studying more. GMOs utilize scientific technology to fundamentally change the genetic structure of the organism. utilize. This sounds like an unusual trick, but it's something that many savvy online shoppers like to utilize. Many of Delonghi's higher capacity coffee makers tend to utilize programmable functions. The utilize list of example sentences with utilize. The Fraunhofer formula permits the determination of the most useful magnification of such an objective in order to utilize its full resolving power. Utilize that density by submitting your requests to forums. The songs on Cherries utilize a non-standard BADGBE tuning. You are probably familiar with and utilize some well-known sources for discounted apparel like consignment stores, thrift stores, and online auction venues. Since most mortgage companies - including Fifth Third Bank - utilize computer programs to approve or deny mortgage applications, a human underwriter is utilized as a safeguard. How do you use utilize in a sentence? Morgan sums up a discussion on Lubbock's experiments in which the ants failed to utilize particles of earth for bridge-making, with the suggestive remark that " What these valuable experiments seem to show is that the ant, probably the most intelligent of all insects, has no claim to be regarded as a rational being.". Ipswich will therefore utilize rider replacement for their inspirational skipper. Since we’re dealing with legal issues, I checked with a lawyer to be certain.She and her husband, also a lawyer, kindly referred me to Garner, whom I’ve already quoted. Some companies may also utilize local temporary employment agencies to assist with hiring. Of course, hearing something doesn’t make it right, so I checked my dictionary (2). Most instructors of online courses utilize a variety of technological tools to convey information and help students retain material. Utilize the available method that you prefer and make sure to always get your payment in before the due date to avoid late fees. 1 decade ago. 7 Answers. . Despite the enormous capacity of the human brain, we only utilize on average less than three percent of our potential brainpower. Some systems utilize what's known as a remote mount transformer. If you know anything at all about contouring when it comes to regular makeup, you'll utilize that knowledge now. Take care to ensure the documents you utilize are compliant with all applicable federal and state regulations. utilize open source programs such as joomla and oscommerce to provide the best content managment system for your small business. It gives basic instructions that anyone can utilize. 18. In addition to these great perennial canals, much has been done since 1878 in enlarging and extending what are known as the " inundation canals " of the Punjab, which utilize the flood waters in the rivers during the monsoon season and are dry at other times. Most importantly it is vital to accept and utilize all the help that is offered. breakneck action on screen, you simply won't have the time or inclination to utilize them effectively. utilize means to use something. utilize properly what PageRank they already have. For example: "John only cooks meat for his family". 2. Once you become a Good Sam member, it makes sense to stay in campgrounds where you'll be able to utilize your members-only discount as often as possible. Utilize relevant concepts, alternative theories and perspectives. These layers allow the panels to utilize either different frequencies of sunlight, and/ or artificial light. We utilize a carbon arc lamp, which has considerable ultraviolet light in it. The same plants have sometimes a superficial root system in addition, and are thus able to utilize immediately the water from rain showers and perhaps also from dew, as Volkensl maintains. Relevance. As with most major employers, the best way to apply for a job at Sears is to utilize the Careers page on the company's website. Understanding the Health of the Baccarat Tree. Utilize definition: If you utilize something, you use it. Rescaling of video to utilize full-screen area. use "utilize" in a sentence In 1865, Joseph Lister became the first doctor to utilize disinfectant during surgery. Since hybrid vehicles utilize a lot of electrical power, a malfunction could cause electric jolts of more than 500 volts, which can be fatal. Sentence Examples for utilize. Many home improvement contractors send out occasional marketing materials through the mail, while other companies utilize television and radio commercials. We must utilize all available resources. You can also utilize GodTube, YouTube, 700 Club, or choose short clips from current movies. Utilize rash guards for a variety of water sports. Little, however, has been done to utilize the deposits, the demands of the colonial markets being extremely limited. Other commonly seen color schemes of this style utilize warm oranges and reds inspired by terracotta tiles and pottery. The human brain learns grammar through pattern recognition. They utilize all the social networks to get the word out and largely depend on the owners and breeders of a particular breed to help out. All she wants to do is utilize this present from the gods to the maximum benefit of mankind without interference and assault on her simple life. In their place, organic cotton farmers utilize what is called crop rotation or growing different types of crops each year. Rich as the country is in coal and iron, and in water supplies which can be transformed into motive power, the inhabitants were not slow to utilize these advantages, so that the industry of Bohemia made enormous strides during the last half of the 19th century. In devising his scheme, Forster endeavoured to utilize, as far as possible, the educational machinery which had been voluntarily provided by various religious organizations. Dicuil's reading was wide; he quotes from, or refers to, thirty Greek and Latin writers, including the classical Homer, Hecataeus, Herodotus, Thucydides, Virgil, Pliny and King Juba, the sub-classical Solinus, the patristic St Isidore and Orosius, and his contemporary the Irish poet Sedulius;-in particular, he professes to utilize the alleged surveys of the Roman world executed by order of Julius Caesar, Augustus and Theodosius (whether Theodosius the Great or Theodosius II. Answer Save. 271 seq.) These and like developments, which are to be divined from references in the Aristotelian writings, jejune, and, for the most part, of probable interpretation only, complete the material which Aristotle could utilize when he seceded from the Platonic school and embarked upon his own course of logical inquiry. Spouses of service personnel being held as prisoners of war or who are listed as missing in action may also utilize this benefit. He must utilize them to the full. That is to say, the engine actually utilized 61% of the energy which it was possible to utilize by means of a perfect engine working with the same initial pressure against a back pressure equal to;the atmosphere. Learn more. 13. If you're shopping but don't have much time or you're shopping online, there are wizards you can utilize. Moreover, households with stored rainwater were found to utilize a range of water use strategies which varied over time. Evaluate, select, and utilize computer hardware. But there was another movement, whose origins went back for many centuries, which they were far from discouraging, and were prepared to utilize when it suited their convenience. Several remarkable electric power and lighting plants utilize the water power of the mountains.'. 5. : His timely bet on fiber optics in 1992 helped a low-tech cable and tiremaker build a leading-edge telecom components business.