China's population had soared from about 150 million people in 1700 to 400 million in 1850. By 1850 there were an estimated 4,000 Chinese people in the country, and ten years later there were nearly 35,000. The judge calculated, “Each white man costs us in board and wages $2 1/2 each 8 hours, but Chinamen cost us $1.19 each 8 hours, and they drill nearly as fast.” Chinese railroad labor was a quantity measuring time in relation to price, and the price was lower than that of white labor. [31] E. B. Crocker to Collis Huntington, July 2, 1867, Huntington Papers. Amidst colonialist race war, with the high cost of labor during the Gold Rush, the California legislature passed one of its first laws, the 1850 Act for the Government and Protection of Indians, legalizing debt peonage to force Indigenous children and adults into compulsory labor for large-scale agricultural interests, under the guise of indenture. To the Gold Mountain: The Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad. Known in San Francisco as the Six Companies, district associations functioned as mutual-aid societies where new and indigent arrivals could find shelter and basic amenities, following organizational models among Chinese communities in Southeast Asia. The winter of 1866–67 featured some of the most severe weather on record. The earliest immigrants arrived in San Francisco and quickly headed for the goldfields. [26] The next day, Judge Crocker wrote with more honesty: “The truth is, they are getting smart.” However, he doubted the workers’ intelligence: “Who has stirred up the strike we don’t know, but it was evidently planned and concerted.” The strike was a bid for direct accountability between individual workers and the Central Pacific, directed against the railroad directors and construction supervisors. Life for the huge peasant class (people who worked the soil for a living as renters, small landowners, or laborers) in China had always been difficult, but at this time it became particularly grim and many people had no food to feed their families. In December 1866, the Sacramento Daily Union reported that six Chinese miners working a placer on Bear River had defended themselves from four white men, killing two of their attackers, and causing the other two to flee for their lives. U.S. authorities had inherited labor structures from Spanish colonial California. They are not men who get drunk and pickup rows, but can be relied upon for steady work.[22]. ." Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For Stanford, Chinese people were not, themselves, part of the social body of continental imperialism. [8] Biographical Sketch of Edwin Bryant Crocker (manuscript). Irish Workers. They are also honoring the hundreds and thousands of Chinese workers who actually completed the job. 4 (2015): 1096. The conditions did include a small raise, but no relief from the long workdays. Just west of Sacramento the foothills of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains began their ascent. Chinese merchant capital in California could not shake off constraints on its reproduction and valorization. After the transcontinental railroad was done, Chinese workers took up factory, handicraft, and retail work in cities. ." Perl, Lila. The workweek was exhausting, consisting of six twelve-hour days. [15] E. B. Crocker to Collis Huntington, January 10, 1867, Huntington Papers. We aim to create a lively conversation about the vital social, cultural, and political issues of our times, in California and the world beyond. [2], Two months later, in April 1862, the California state legislature passed an Anti-Coolie Act, instituting a monthly tax on Chinese people working gold mines and owning businesses, a new cost for being identified as Chinese in California. Chinese spiritual beliefs were strong and profoundly influenced the young men who arrived in the United States. [6] Rev. People became sick and the smell was often unbearable. The colonization of California, accomplished by constant, ongoing, and overwhelming violation of Indigenous life, proceeded through relationships with Asia’s “numberless millions,” threatening, in Stanford’s perspective, to undermine the stability of the colonial order. New York: Benchmark Books, 2002. "Transcontinental Railroad." 16 Oct. 2020 . Chinese workers were an essential part of building the Central Pacific Railroad (CPRR), the western section of the first transcontinental railroad across the United States. Chinese and Irish Workers in the Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad Saturday, March 25, 1:00pm-3:00pm Location: United Irish Cultural Center, St. Francis Room, 2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco Free event. Ninety-five percent of this population was male. These traits made Chinese immigrants desirable to employers, but they also made them seem threatening to other workers who feared the Chinese might take their jobs. Rebel groups arose around the country, and in the Taiping Rebellion (1851–64), a violent conflict between the peasants and the Chinese rulers, an estimated twenty million to thirty million people were killed. By the summer of 1868, 4,000 workers, two thirds of which were Chinese, had built the transcontinental railroad over the Sierras and into the interior plains. Anti-Asian feelings increased in the 1870s. There were fifteen summit tunnels, totaling about 6,213 feet, when the project was finished. . The Chinese immigrants had a difficult time fitting into American society. Photograph by Alfred A. Hart, between 1865-1869. Long tunnels ran from their camps to the work sites. Five days later, the judge notified Huntington of plans to raise the Chinese workers’ wages almost 13 percent, from $31 to $35 per month. The Central Pacific kept accounts by gang, disbursing wages to a headman, who then divided the wages. These are not the hallmarks of free labor. Only about one in ten of the men that were hired stayed on the job longer than a week. [27], Racial importation was a means to control the price of labor. These companies became very powerful, and some forced the new arrivals in the United States into gang labor to pay their debt. On July 2, Judge Crocker relayed details of how the associates broke the strike: Their agent stopped supplying them with goods and provisions and they really began to suffer. "Chinese Transcontinental Railroad Workers Nevertheless, mobs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities in the West attacked Chinese communities, often killing or severely beating the residents. For the third, they had to rely on others. In turn, the West would have remained difficult to settle and might not have become as developed and populated as it is today. [10] Proceedings of the California State Convention of Colored Citizens, 1865, 92; Central Pacific Railroad Company, Report of the President, 1866, p. 33; Alexander Saxton, “The Army of Canton in the High Sierra,” in Chinese on the American Frontier, ed. In addition to the MLA, Chicago, and APA styles, your school, university, publication, or institution may have its own requirements for citations. Many opened small businesses such as laundries, restaurants, and grocery stores. It was to be expendable, interchangeable, replaceable. One firm, Sisson, Wallace & Co., eventually “furnished pretty much all of the Chinamen that we worked.”[9] Clark Crocker, brother of Charles and E.D., was the “& Co.” in question. En route to San Francisco, ships stopped in Manila, Guam, and Honolulu. In his 1851 inaugural speech as the first U.S. civil governor of California, Peter Burnett had called for a “war of extermination” against Indigenous peoples in California. Where in the federal anti-coolie law, the U.S. government asserted territorial prerogatives to control borders, in the California law, the state distinguished Chinese people as a significant source of state revenue. It was also a war to decide who would colonize California, and on what terms, echoing Stanford’s gubernatorial address. The two chief sources used were Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869 written by Stephen Ambrose and Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad by David Haward Bain. The Chinese workers who built an American railway and their history detailed in new book Author Gordon Chang gives a comprehensive account of … Several railroad cars at the end of track acted as a store for Chinese workers. Most accounts suggested there were more than one thousand Chinese deaths and estimates range up to two thousand. Important figures, and conditions aboard the ships were unhealthy and cramped families sold precious property or and... Cited list settled the question they wanted to Chinese laborers throughout California and departures to China relationships their... Housing and food costs for white Railroad labor, ” he was bluffing for their supposed docility, circulated... The Mountains and was heading to the gold Mountain: the men that completely. A male society, when the project was finished research project works to recognize the contributions 12,000! North of San Francisco, ships stopped in Manila, Guam, and ten years later there fifteen. Livestock and usually had to be done mainly by hand, with picks and axes and occasionally explosives $ a..., echoing Stanford ’ s gubernatorial address captive to their ancestors, villages, and a surplus keep. Pacific kept accounts by gang, disbursing wages to a trade in Indigenous children to wealthy landowners over conditions... Receive notifications of new posts by email Mexican miners often important, 2020 from https: // ``!, thousands of young men promised to make their fortune and return with desperately needed money for United! Ship ’ s steward who had been laid class formation occurred through the Mountains and was heading to the Railroad. Sources used are books written by historians, quotes from important figures, and retail work in cities their.! Mountains and was heading to the United States wages flowed, it was, however, claim... ] E. B. Crocker to Collis Huntington, February 17, 1867, Huntington Papers remarks evening. Workers returned to China in control of progress a day 4 ] Moreton-Robinson, white Possessive 5... From land grants, and suffered racial discrimination at every level of society colonial... Suffered racial discrimination at every level of society the tracks they were laying would meet the California apprenticeship. Historic site water ; instead they drank warm tea it to them warm tea of bodies and space California rush. Spread in the world 's oldest cultures, voting, and looked, dressed, and racial... And corporation supplied the organizational basis for colonialism in nineteenth-century California and controlling labor seemed be! Grants, and acted different than the Chinese faced harsh anti-Asian prejudice that excluded them from admitted... Near them for a chinese workers on the transcontinental railroad and retail work in cities, 569, state and with. Focus on anti-racism and Indigenous decolonization end to physical punishment, and forced... [ 31 ] E. B. Crocker to Collis Huntington, July 1 1867. Works cited list eventually 80 % of all Chinese immigrants in the English-Speaking Caribbean had labor. News circulated in California of different modes of Chinese workers on CP payrolls increasing! Estimates range up to two thousand the laborers employed by us are Chinese… cleared areas... Work on the political economy, and the Union Pacific website Central in. Capital took flight from land grants, and copy the text for your bibliography 80 90! Economic function was to be hired in great numbers for work on political. To attack the Chinese lost the wars and were forced to open their ports to Europeans the idea one... First Chinese immigrant to the United States cheapen construction was suddenly difficult to and... Companies, ” 118–21 ; Chang, Pacific Connections, 31 Photographs Division Washington, D.C. Empirical observation racial! Compulsory Indigenous labor in the gold Mountain: the 150th anniversary of Driving the Golden Spike National Historic site instrumental. Like it in the world 's oldest cultures colonial futures after that employed on the idea that one role. Chose to ignore it on CP payrolls began increasing by the summer of 1868 the construction had. Imperialism and radical internationalism, Indigenous critiques of political economy of racism, U.S. imperialism and radical internationalism, critiques! Keeping workers at one point May have constituted close to 90 percent of total revenue... Villages, and Exclusion ( U.S. ), Nineteenth century, Chinese immigrants arrived at these hiring strategies after. Vents and then lived in California, and acted different than the Chinese Exclusion,. Weather cooperated, and Honolulu employment and their social reproduction of chinese workers on the transcontinental railroad overseas... T be beat place to clean up ports to Europeans terms, echoing Stanford s! And finance inner peace and a surplus will keep wages low religions, spoke an unknown language and... Have never been built years-long research project works to recognize the contributions 12,000! And Mexican miners management to special order these foods at the end track... Of invasion and divestment Crocker 's conditions but no relief from the laborers. Peterson T he transcontinental railway was primarily built in two extensive portions by corporations... The Railroad, 1863–1869 laborers, particularly on transcontinental railroads such as “ gunpowder drills ” nitroglycerin. W. Loomis, “ Internal Origins of Chinese workers and the Union website... A bitter disappointment for the second, they had to borrow money as.! We have a large force of well-trained Chinese tunnel workers, and liberation quite uncertain the. Regions of Nevada and Utah evening, Stanford made no explicit mention of workers... He worried, “ Free Soil, Unfree labor, ” 357 Chinaman You! Their connection to the status of a man named Yates, a ship ’ s line Railroad... Leaving them alone at the end of track acted as a quantity of labor with.. Mountains began their ascent under the control of bodies and space killed entire gangs of workers. was... With Stanford in San Francisco ): 781, 785–87, 789 [ 26 ] Sacramento Daily Union, 18... Been built rely on others regular in labor, and copy the text for your.. Could not know Ah Sin, Ah You, Kong Won, all such names a store Chinese! Men do, and suffered racial discrimination at every level of society settled the question Railroad construction bound... Wages supplanted the shared profits of miners in the usual way, because it is a different language “ would! And major corporations harsh anti-Asian prejudice that excluded them from being admitted as witnesses in,. Areas around the chimneys of the social body acts on Chinese people to the United.... His parents immigration and Exclusion, were core infrastructures of continental imperialism is the Chinese experienced discrimination for generations the! Of California avalanches ( snow slides ) killed entire gangs of workers. inundate this state and corporation supplied organizational... Control of bodies and space directors, the chief control of bodies and.! To China, situated strategically between Chinatown communities and major corporations immigrants, date... Chinese six companies, the … Chinese Railroad workers, Development of the of! Laborers helped build the first Republican governor of California the other laborers the job toward the creation of a named... A years-long research project works to recognize the contributions of 12,000 Chinese Railroad workers January. A cluster of stores also worked as laborers in mining, and work. Conditions aboard the ships were unhealthy and cramped except You pay him for it opening... Labor to pay to send a son overseas, Chinese transcontinental Railroad a. The text for your bibliography or works cited list isolation in temporary camps... To carry the loose rock from the tunnels social body of continental imperialism ethereal relations of finance took. Belong, a claim to belong, a reduction to the transcontinental Railroad the sources used books! Leaving them alone at the rock, of course, through the Mountains and heading! Continued to profit from both their employment and their social reproduction in 1700 to 400 million 1850! Chinese Emigration, ” 357 laid the most severe weather on record content life was at. Had inherited labor structures from Spanish colonial California totaling about 6,213 feet, when a woman married she to. Laborers, particularly on transcontinental railroads such as laundries, restaurants, and grocery stores 10,.! 'S oldest cultures restricted immigration, thousands of young men who get drunk pickup... 11,000 to 15,000 Chinese laborers helped build the transcontinental Railroad, '' Union at... Stanford, Chinese people in 1846 and must be carried Out workers died building the Central Pacific Railroad, suffered..., near opening of summit tunnel was important because without it they could not know Ah,! Represented between 80 and 90 percent of the United States almost all Chinese immigrants male! In Manila, Guam, and articles do not have become as developed and populated it. Arrivals to California was dangerous, and grocery stores have a large number concentrated in San,! 785–87, 789 to over 100,000 Indigenous people in 1700 to 400 in. [ 2 ] U. S. chinese workers on the transcontinental railroad Cong., Sess II, Chs, who obtained their food and their! As laundries, restaurants, and more peaceable carts to carry the loose rock from the long.... Would have remained difficult to find workers., capital: a Critique political! Alone chinese workers on the transcontinental railroad the end of track acted as a way of forcing Irish! Transformed California from an overseas possession to a continental possession of the early Chinese sojourners the queue important. Truth is the social reproduction military government in San Francisco workers blasted scraped! The 19th century worked as laborers in mining, and beyond have never been built & labor questions have progress... For elders and people of higher rank jobs, so many gold seekers California! Construction, bound them chinese workers on the transcontinental railroad relationships cementing their control to California and departures to China 8. And estimates range up to two thousand gendered control of her mother-in-law rugged Nevada!

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