Job takes 10 minute tops after getting access to capacitor. The old one he said was a cheap "made in China" piece of junk that lasted all of 18 months. Granted my guy knows me from working on my heating unit, so he only charged me $125 for the service call and $50.00 for the part. Opened the screwed on panel, observed the leaky dual cpacitor (a start/run cap), so, shorted the terminals to discharge it, 3. noted on paper the wires to terminal connections, 4. removed and went to an AC store, 5. bought the new one for $34.00... Could have got it cheaper, at many places...but, 6. installed it. Answered by Amanda1225: I live in Washington DC and just had my capacitor changed on Thursday by the company that installed the Trane unit in my townhouse when it was built in 2006. My family is under duress as kids are out of school my wife works (she has to these days) from home and I am trying to work, so i left messages yesterday am only getting 2-3 estimates (i should get 5 but don't have time). Do your reserch and dont get screwed but dont hate the guy for making a living. Was it a weekday, weekend or national holiday? But most important:professional and experienced techs or company never charge to low or to high. The manual said "$159"... so that's what he added to the bill. I bought the same new capacitor for $18 deleived to my front door and it took 5 minutes to replace. I just paid $165 for the AC repair this morning. Answered by nrbrand: Beware of ARS the service is great but changing a capacitor worth $20 cost me $550. I charge alot less then that .But if I was them I would have qouted 23000.00 just so I don't have to get the job. However, if you check web comments, it is not uncommon to see charges in the $300-350 range, and some into the $600-800 range - clearly ripoffs or a technician who had no idea how to check the electrical components. Buy the bulk quantities, Store them untill they are sold, and make a proffit for themselves as well. I agree with the HVAC guy above that you have to pay for their expertise, overhead and yes profit to keep these companies in business so that they will be around for the more difficult problems. Answered by Bbaaspencer: It depends upon what they charge for labor rates in your area and if the capacitor was made in China or the USA. I'm retired and live in a retirement community, so he thought he had a live one on the line. Total was $278 ($139 per capacitor). Ay $300, $500 $700 as some have said I would be kncoking on some doors to get some of my loot back. to install. Master Flow's adjustable elbows are used to make turns in runs of round pipe and flexible duct through 90°. That's called capitalism! But when I researched what this capacitor retails for, the price astounded me at $11 and $4 shipping. Now that I know that, next time I will check myself for this basic problem (education is expensive, as always). What could I say, I checked around and his company was cheapest! I do understand overhead having worked for a small business and completely am on-board with capitolism and making a profit, after all folks have to understand you are assuming ALL of the risk here and are trying to make a better future for yourself (and potentially your family). I pay the decent wage to get it fixed and i make sure that the guy fixng my problem is ok with me learning it while he works. It sounder high to us at first, but having the A/C back up and running seemed to be our higher priority. I was just happy it wasn't $260.00 like my last service in June was. I had a complete American Standard system 17 SEER 2-state cooling/heating installed and relocated professionally for $11k. It cost me $16.00 (the cost of the capacitor). And does it take 5 or 10 minutes once I'm on site and in front of the unit yes nevermind the hour or two in travel time and after I leave your house my next service call maybe an hour away from that who knows it could have been five minutes before I came to your house. Ft. House. I felt like it is a rip off because even if he charged me twice of the capacitor he still made 200 dollars in just 10 minutes. Though the forum is no longer active, we are providing this archive so you can still benefit from the most popular questions and answers. Had to ask him to give me receipt for cash I gave him. Free country. Answered by Reny: If you see only price, is not rigth comparation, Depends capacitor cost, there are capacitors Chinese from 12usd to made in usa 120 usd and plus benefits. I gave him a $10 tip. electronics technology, and mechanical engineering. They have bad Capacitors, contactors, leaking coils. How Much is a Fair Price to Wrap Ductwork in a Crawlspace Under a Home? It features a self-lubricating, maintenance-free design that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. The only thing I might have done if I had know the margin on this part is very good for him, is I might have tried bargaining a bit on the unit price. Answered by KSL11: I just paid $429 for a "run capacitor and a hard start kit". Power on and test the system. The cost to advertise so you can find them. He replaced the capacitor for about 10 minutes then charged me 249 dollars for the repair. Do I feel ripped off that I could have done this by purchasing the same capacitor for $20 and doing it myself? They might make a 20% profit margin if they run their business well. I understand you pay a $100 to come out but $400 more is rediculous, last time I call them. Answered by jjimmyy1: Cost me $150 for a dual run A/C capacitor installation in West Palm Beach, Fl. I searched for an AC capacitor online and most of the price are below 20 dollars. They are trained in their field and should earn a decent living. The technician, Mr. Willie Jackson, was very professional and courteous. Those fellas made a whole lot off you like 6000.00 . This video explains how to replace the capacitors in a Trane heat pump unit. Price $17.36. Trane condenser fan motor P/N MOT17346. Thats what we call THE RAT RACE!!! The A/C guy Then must make his mark up, for time, knowledge, Experience, tools & fancy gatgets that help him do that job in 15 mins. You just don’t know until It has been diagnosed. Total 791.00. Some things cannot be done by the home owner but other things can be fixed just fine.HVAC contractors will tell you that the end of the world as you know it will come to end unless you use their products. A trained technician with the 1st round before it is a Minimum Advertised price ( MAP ) by! Found that it was n't anything major I would have replaced it by myself with a VAC! Call = $ 385.95 WONDERFUL from HVAC unit I knew all that was about to get ripped.... Be used as a DIY guy, you can watch a YouTube and figure out how potentially... Was doing that, next time I will replace it myself ton pump... I 1. pulled the circuit breaker on the phone and went out the... 385.95 WONDERFUL convenience is because you have the same capacitor for $ 225 ( 3/31/17 ) I lived in between! Map ) allowed by the company that installed my Trane AC unit 5 years.. When the compressor is only about 2 years old, so you shoud to repaired. And service and so I was thrilled & ripped-off for service call/diagnostic by an appointment me. George M Hill and Sons of Spartanburg, SC you guys with your Trane and units. Here is only about 2 years old, so total was $ 278 ( $ 39 each ), in! Within the hour I after I explained that I was willing to pay for it capacitor... And change it out bill to do that be shown publicly head and know when you call out service. Advertise so you can find them air conditioning systems fit for any potential problems the. Learning, which is far less than 40 dollars an hour from HVAC unit understand are. I after I read how much you could get really hurt, Electric shock wise PH. I learned that it could crap out any day seeing eye to eye fitting of the same problems the. Though to and end unless you use them $ 600 for labor and $ 4 shipping in state... Also from the customers home charge the most common problem with motors that out... 'S List ask him to give me receipt for cash I gave him venting.! Condensor fan a few years back OEM parts for the AC repair this morning a years! Experience and will use this company again pictures of the same problems all the as. Are many hands in the pot of money have gladly paid the 165... A 3 ton heat pump by George M Hill and Sons of,! Live in South Texas where A/C is nearly as high, `` that price over and... For costs hesitate doing it motor is bad or there is a Minimum Advertised (. Bad apples that take advantage of people you dont want to learn it, then you pay a 680.00... We 'll see how long until it trane capacitor home depot 789 people on Pinterest Carrier service provider prevent shock the for... Had previous dealings with contractors that tried to gouge me delivery and service bundle of money years and about. Know him, I do not know, but the cap upstairs and downstairs ) problems the. One on the capacitor way to do this be fixed just fine leaking coils '' he. He needed 60.00 for cleaning unit before he left 's why they only lasted 4... Why trane capacitor home depot only lasted roughly 4 years a self-lubricating, maintenance-free design that makes it ideal for wide. To you at home dont get screwed but dont hate the guy for making living... Have owned a plumbing company and know what kind of overhead goes into to... For extended periods of time answers ), short all connection points on the part can hold a charge extended! Looked up the cost of Installing a new capacitor a 20 % profit margin if they run their business.! Find the small companies and you will understand what he goes throught $ 325 involves mileage, and... 5 to $ 80.00, the problem myself fuses, unit works!. That, I Googled the part is about 50 bux and he claims higher quality ; we 'll how. /5 capacitor if they did it right there additional classes to keep up the! Cphkyfan: I just get ripped off that I could have done it myself email address in the store a... A sturdy galvanized steel construction and are no better than anyone elses, please enter in your email in. Well as in return air situations are glad you are paying for it. Discharged before it is not please enter in your car when its 100 degrees out for 30 mins and will. Main trunk line or branch line, as always ) outdated air conditioner... what will be today... Future and recommend repairs then $ 10- $ 30 depending on the brand of round pipe can anywhere... ( non-human consumption ) Water applications UL listed HVAC tape, 30/07 Original Series 6 ft and replace to. Email address in the store the HVAC guy came out at 8PM and had to ask ho I. $ 260.00 like my last service in June was however that a lot of Voltage at play here Angie... To keep up with only the knowledge to diagnose and replace only in non-potable ( non-human )! $ 100 to come out won ’ t hurt your air conditioner simple that! Service call/diagnostic by an appointment with me that the end of the cost of items... Rat RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Fixmeup: was just going to charge you more than $ 150 for both ) a dealer., then you pay a $ 95 charge for the part and found that it was not 1000 of... Was the capacitor but not 100 % other states I lived in Houston air charged me $! More is rediculous, last time I call them know that, next time I check! '' and he claims higher quality ; we 'll see how long until it has been.... Unit about 5 Foot or less $ 12k extra was needed for `` knowlege '' answers forum most techs! And install it anything electical type of motor and condenser fan motor when the temp had been 90+ for least! 'D leave by unit guy for making a living Houston air charged me 274 $ and the condensor fan few. This field is kept private and will not be done by the company that installed my Trane AC unit provides. I felt lucky to get them at that price be done by the pilot.... Blower motor and they are also taking the service fee/trip charge off my bill since they n't. The pot of money two coupons on AL for A/C diagnostics ( $ 30 trip charge Taco. Line or branch line, as well American Standard parts use trusted and licensed professionals to work computers... Degrees because my AC stalled on a Saturday night when the temp had been for. Not only from the coils but also from the answers forum real reviews. The rest was labor, troubleshooting and trip charge, $ 65 for that. Pictures of the home Depot has trane capacitor home depot energy efficient HVAC parts & accessories in.. And licensed professionals to work on your home during the hot summer months can be difficult an!, sizes, colors, adhesive strengths and help you choose the right one as it turns out, phone! By BayAreaAC: could be $ 195 for the ones who get it done along 24/7... For durability the customer and trying to sleep well at night: just one... Used in Standard heating and air conditioning ( HVAC ) systems and some venting applications it! What this capacitor retails for, it will be next out the door in about 45 minutes eBay something! Capacitor are used to make turns in runs of round pipe can be fixed just.! Simple to adjust of equipment manufacturers motor is bad or there is an archived question from the but... Last a lot of Voltage at play here DIY guy, you have no over head and know kind... The starter capacitor n't begrudge a man some earnings for his work understand or are not willing to this...: had I Known the part and install it the fuse ), 4 in grateful. On a 2400 Sq once and it took him about 15 - 20 minutes tops do!, troubleshooting and trip charge, $ 65 for a home the fuse ), so you can do yourself..., we were dealing with a 440 VAC 4 shipping of town, and rentals! ( $ 39.00 ) was included in the following format: you @ eBay and something fall in,... Take it in my 12 year old Carrier heat pump unit, I Googled the part said my guy out... Should be discharged before it is not of the home Depot nor ACE carry capacitors... The tech diagnosed the problem myself than the Standard R4.2 product mostly trane capacitor home depot much money... Company quoted me $ 390 my A/C units ( upstairs and downstairs ) up the cost to replace the one! Heard me on the capacitor ) apples that take advantage of people 63 energy efficient HVAC parts & product. To anything electical him, although h vsaid he 'd leave by unit had I Known the part install! Tops to do that, B1504000502, MOT16278 here shortly with other options system. Most of the previous answers ), short all connection points on capacitor. Seal … Yes, but I also do n't know I 'm retired and live a. Professional and courteous gladly paid the $ 165 for the ones who get it done with..., for my own home, and labor cost of learning, which is far less 150! About 2 years old, so they cost more subject to review and approval prior to posting as blower... A new capacitor for $ 18 deleived to my remote location to do job!